AvinaLeo Design Art Book 2014

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Guess what. The art book is finished! Celebration time. I am quite pleased with the result. My only sadness is that I couldn’t get larger versions of some of my pictures. 

 It is available for free download at a couple of spots.

Here are some links:

Art Book at Scribd

Art Book at Issuu

catalog cover

color scheme: Lichtenstein

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Here we are! Another color scheme. This one is inspired by Roy Lichtenstein. I love his work. It’s just so colorful and energetic.

Lichtenstein color scheme

pattern: Spiked Floral

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Hey there, netizens! I have another pattern today. This one is called Spiked Floral. It’s a mix of flowers and spikes and crescent moons on a silver background.

spiked floral sample


spiked floral bedding pic





Like it? You can find Spiked Floral on many items in the Zazzle store: HERE and the bedding is at Cafepress: HERE

color scheme: Starry Night

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Welcome to the return of the color scheme posts. I haven’t done one in forever! Well, this one is new and improved with a more Pinterest-like format. I have a color scheme board on there that I love. If you want to follow it, my page can be found here: http://www.pinterest.com/RLDraws/

For this color scheme, I did a bit of a dissection of Starry Night by Van Gogh.

starry night color scheme

a couple of photos

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Hey there! I hope everyone has had a delightful weekend. Mine was pretty good, exhausting but good. 

I’m currently working on a pattern called Caged Floral. It’s the first one I will have made using photographs or pieces of photographs, at least. I stumbled on a couple of photos that I felt compelled to mess around with. I got some practice fixing overexposure in photoshop. They look pretty cool, I think, so I figured I’d pop them up onto the blog.


I took this first picture at the art museum in Indianapolis. The original was washed out and too bright, so I put it through the photoshop wringer. :)

Cranked up the saturation. Dialed down the exposure and messed with other various knobs and switches.

statue adjusted

I like this second one because it has a kind vintage postcard feel to it. I went a little crazy with the saturation, but that was intentional.


pattern: Willow Night

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So, I have a thing for willow trees. I actually have one in my yard, which I did not plant myself but am grateful for. Something about them is relaxing, yes? Maybe it’s the way their branches move in the breeze. I do not know.

This pattern has a similar mood, I think. It’s a mix of blues and greens. The tiger lilies in it and the various lines have a kind of art nouveau feel to them.

willow night sample

It’s available on various items in the Zazzle store. It’s also on bedding at Cafepress. The pattern worked well on that. It’s very bedroomish.



wtn bedding

pattern: Hummingbird Forest

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Fear not! I have not abandoned you, dearest internet. I’ve been quite busy with various non-blog projects.

First, the cafepress shop is up and running. There’s a lot of fun stuff in there. I personally like the fancy compact mirror thingies and am seriously considering getting one. I have a thing for the cocktail platters as well. There’s bedding and scarves and bags, jewelry, etc. It’s kinda crazy. I like the variety.

Click me to visit the store, for I am a link.

I also have a new pattern to share. This one is called Hummingbird Forest. It’s a little dark and feminine.

hummingbird forest sample

See it on things at the following places.
Here at Zazzle


Here at Cafepress

I plan to do more patterns and hopefully post the new ones here as long as my attention span holds out and my schedule allows.

I’ve been working on a series of paintings as well. It’s a set of either 5 or 6, probably 6. I’ve finished 4 so far. They’re bright and colorful with flowers and such. Here’s an in-progress picture of one of them. This is a succulent.